Saturday, February 14, 2015

Oh dear ... Italy have been given a hammering by England at Twickenham. I like the Italian team - they've got flair & unpredictability (precisely what England lack & thus why I loathe them). I think it was Iain Sinclair who made that connection between the England rugby team & management executives*. Of course, it's a sweeping generalisation but the slur has stuck in my mind. I don't know what it is about the team or the manner of playing but it seems to have all the hallmarks of corporate thinking. Why, no doubt, they are so efficient (dread word) yet oh so boring to watch.

& wait for the crowing write ups in to tomorrow's papers. *y-a-w-n* ....


* I think, at the time, he was thinking of the tie & blazer types such as Will Carling et al who would be as at home in the hospitality tent as on the pitch. One thinks nostalgically of the days when one of the French forwards was on trial for murder ...

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It seems my crystal ball was not so grubby ... ... resisting the temptation to say "told you so".