Sunday, February 08, 2015

Jog Update ...

...for those of you kind enough to show an interest, I went out on the bike figuring that this was 'low impact' & might even be considered 'cross training' (you see, beginning to pick up the jargon). So a 45 minute leisurely pedal up to the lake & two circuits before heading home. Better than nothing.

Walking down to buy the pistolets first thing, there was still enough of a twinge to make me limp a bit. However, as the day has worn on things seem easier. Now it's an odd pain on the side of my left knee that's a bother (maybe caused by the jolting steps yesterday?).


Other matters ...

taking sips at the R.F. Langley Journals. What an exemplary collection of writings & all the more instructive (for me) knowing how he was putting in the hours at the chalkface. It can be done. I've also remembered to look out the interview he gave in Don't Start Me Talking with some invaluable insights into his approach to composition & anchoring the poem in the 'actual'.


Having vowed not to buy any more CDs for the immediate future, the Naxos box set of Tavener was too good to pass over. Five CDs for the price of a good bottle of wine. Holy minimalism it may be but I'm prepared to put prejudice to one side & listen. The disc of piano pieces should be interesting.

There was also a 5 inch square block of Messiaen - 32 CDs, I think - but it seemed just too much of a good thing. Have I really given Ex Expecto, The Turangilila Symphony and The Quartet for the End of Time the attention they deserve?
No. Thought not.


& what about this from a student's IB creative writing assignment - Jay Gatsby is described looking up "at the consolations of the stars".

When inspiration & malapropism go hand in hand.

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