Monday, February 16, 2015

Taking the time for a number of things that were important yesterday ...

& still are today.


The Sherlock obsession resumes & we finally reach the end of Series Two. So ... was it a fake corpse that fell (that Molly - in true Blue Peter fashion - managed to prepare earlier?) ... or the body of Moriarty (dressed as Holmes?) ... or ... ?

Against the general trend, I find Moriarty annoying (rather than deeply disturbing) & always on the verge of overacting. That Irish camp ingratiating twang is just too close to Graham Norton to be taken seriously. Once OK ... but the return appearances start to really grate.

Again, I get the sense that the more the scripts develop the more they become self-referential about the very business of the artifice of script writing. Hence the obsession with simulations & ever more contrived plotting & coincidence. As if foregrounding disbelief & playing off that desire latent within every viewer for some deus ex machina/ Oz behind the scenes. (The twist being that it is Sherlock himself who is always fiddling with the mechanism while seemingly being locked inside). One wonders what Zizek would make of that.

& again the fetishisation of mobile phones. The cellular self? "Alone is what I have. Alone protects me". Sherlock as critique of the post-Thatcher selfie culture of narcissism & unbridled greed? Or locked within this very matrix?

It'll be interesting to see how Series Three develops (no spoilers, please).

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