Monday, February 02, 2015

The more or less annual lungful of ozone by the sea ... (Friday) we leave at 4 pm for Le Crotoy & are sitting with a most acceptable glass of Sauvignon Blanc by 8:30 pm.

I'd made a vow to go for a jog - weather permitting. Saturday morning (despite forecasts) the rain held off & so I donned the magic shoes & headed out. Running against a stiff wind was a new experience but the return back to the hotel all the easier. Calls of the oyster catcher ... crash of waves ... it's exhilarating. We've been coming here for 15 years on & off. Never would I have imagined I'd be one of those loping along the promenade before breakfast ...

The rest of the day is spent trying to second guess the rain. Here's some graffiti gouged into the church up on the hill in St Valery.

Saturday evening & a 'bouille' of fish & seafood - a local version of the famous bouillabaisse. Not bad but the langoustine was dried out & a disappointment.

Apologies for the hiatus in posting (I very nearly managed one a day through January) but wi-fi was unpredictable.

In any case you had better things to do, too. No?

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