Wednesday, February 18, 2015

JogBlog Update ...

The feet are beginning to itch ... but I'm remaining steadfast: no running until after the weekend. I want to make sure everything is back in shape.

This morning I was sorely tempted to give it a go but opted for the bike instead. I'd been meaning to try out the overpass that runs to the Tram Museum & beyond. So, why not today? There's quite a frost judging by the car windscreens but who cares? It only makes the ride all the more invigorating.

First, a weave along the roads down to & past Place Keym. Then the 'Z' path up to the overpass. & once you're on you could go on for miles. Perfectly flat - & I'm thinking this would be an ideal place to jog, too - views to the left down onto the houses below, to the right, back gardens & their assorted junk. At 17 minutes I'm pedalling past L & E's school ... by 22 minutes I'm on the bridge overlooking the road by the Tram Museum & the Parc Woluwe. (Checking Google map later it seems to be more or less 6 km).

Once again I am astonished at how close at hand things are by bike. The park is perfect for cycling, running, or simply walking ... & just over 20 minutes to get there. Thinking of Spring & the lighter mornings, it's not inconceivable to ride to the park & back before 7am & still get in to work for a first period.


Reading ... the R F Langley Journals (still) but which have sent me back to Hopkins (prose, especially) & on to Phlippe Jaccottet (Cahier de Verdure, specifically).


Tomorrow I will head for the UK with E. - a few days in which to scour the shops for Sherlock merchandise no doubt ...

Watched the first part of Series Three last night - & while it is hard to separate out fan fantasy from the 'actual' faked suicide scenario ... the bungee plunge & swapped corpse trick is ... well ... stretching it, no?

Anyway, with any luck this means no more Graham Norton - if there is a criticism of Sherlock it is this over-reliance on the Moriarty figure. Read the original stories & he is far less prominent (he haunts cases - & is thereby all the more formidable). Whereas ... full marks for pushing Mycroft to the fore. The Gatiss-Cucumber Patch sparring is great stuff - why not opt for a spin-off series filling in the fascinating glimpses into their dysfunctional childhood & adolescence? At Home with The Holmeses - a suitably ghastly BBC focus group-derived title? Or, rather than The Glums, The Smart Arses?

Oh, & we like Molly, too.

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